Thursday 18 May 2017

Kaia Kaipe & Elkano, Getaria, Spain.

Restaurante Kaia Kaipe and Elkano specialise in whole grilled Turbot and are jointly owned in the Basque seaside village of Getaria. Igor Arregui is the grandson of the founder and his father Pedro Arregui pioneered the method of cooking turbo on a grill in specially designed cage, the rodaballera
I asked the advice of Andy Hayler who said that there wasn't much difference between the two restaurants (they use exactly the same produce) so we opted for Kaia Kaipe which has a sea view and is slightly cheaper. It's only a half hour taxi ride from San Sebastián and is a pleasant excursion for the afternoon. We got there early and wandered about the pretty little town. Also our party was a little fatigued by the previous day's taster menu, pintxos and booze. The simple elegant food at Kaia Kaipe was the perfect lunch for us. We ordered a few dishes to share amongst us.
Tuna (complimentary).
 Ostras (Oysters).
Pulpo. (Octopus).
Tomato Salad. The most flavoursome tomatoes we've had in a long time.
Gambas (Prawns).
Sopa de Pescado. (Fish soup).
Rodaballo a la Parrilla (Turbot).
Dessert, cheese ice cream.
It's also worth noting that the wine list here is phenomenal and amazing value. We shared a bottle of the Vega Sicilia, Alión, Ribera del Duero (2013). This retails at about £45 and cost us just €54 here! It is a beautiful wine. I described the white wine we'd like and they recommended a fresh and neutral José Pariente Verdejo at just €14.50. It was perfect.
Restaurante Kaia Kaipe is another good example of these type of restaurant that the Spanish do so well and that there is no real British equivalent. The product restaurant (like here and the likes of Etxebarri) serves deceptively simple food, the star of the show is always the quality of the produce here, all the fish here is as good and as fresh as you can imagine.
On the way back up to the main road to get our taxi we passed by Elkano (note there didn't seem to be any waiting here in Getaria so we called our driver from San Sebastián). 
As we had half an hour spare I took some shots of the turbot being cooked outside the restaurant. 


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