Wednesday 11 January 2017

Kiln, Soho, London.

There is no doubt that Manchester is getting better for restaurants all the time but we still have an awful long way to go to get to the general standard of our capital, without doubt one of the best cities in which to eat in the world at every level. It makes decisions on where to eat there so very difficult, there is too much choice.
Kiln is a fine case in point, it could only really be in London right now and it proved to be a wise option in city full of fantastic restaurants. Kiln is a thai restaurant but not as we know it. It's a thai grill and uses these claypots on open flames.

We had booked but rejected the un-atmospheric seats downstairs, much better to sit at the open kitchen counter and watch it all being cooked. We get the Lamb Skewers (£2.90, fabulous, just the right amount of fat), Mylor prawns (£5, pictured below), the Bream dry curry (£7.30), the Langoustines (£8.80) & Clay Pot Glass Noodles (£5.75, pictured underneath).
The food was just so good that we ordered more and more. The last two were amongst our favourites of the afternoon, the Laos Curried John Dory and the Long Pepper Curry were sensational. It reminded me a little of when we first went to StreetXo in Madrid, it was such a huge buzz, a really enjoyable experience sitting there are the counter. Inexpensive too considering, it only cost us £68.68 for two ordering loads and including beers, phenomenal value especially in London. You'd struggle to find anything this good in Manchester at this price proving once again that in London you can eat like a king at every price level.