Wednesday 6 July 2016

Favourite 25 Dishes This far.

I usually do these lists at the end of the year, but by that time people are bored of them as there are so many others around. So I'm doing a 'best of' half way through the year as a little recap on some of our food related travels. Compiling it reminds me of all the good things I've eaten so far and how I really should go on that diet. I've tried to keep to one dinner, one dish where possible. Otherwise some places would have dominated. These are not in any real order, that would be an impossible task, just as they occur to me....
1. Welsh Wagyu 4 ways, Ynyshir Hall, Wales.
 2. Cuba libre of foie gras with lemon granite and rocket salad, Quique Dacosta, Dénia, Spain.
 3. "Falsa Lasanga" Fake sea urchin lasagne at Sacha, Madrid, Spain.
 4. Seared Wild Red King Prawns at Ibérica, Manchester.
 5. Sardina ahumada en tosta con queso de Arzúa, tomate y cebolleta. Alabaster, Madrid.
 6. Smoked Egg Yolk ~ Clam ~ Celeriac & Bacon Soup. The Samling, Windermere.
7. "Olivas" La Terraza del Casino de Madrid
 8. 'Singapore Laksa', Carabineros, Coconut cream. Shiitake Mushrooms, StreetXo, Madrid. 
9. Carabineros, El Gato Negro, Manchester.
10. Pig's Trotter, Artichoke, crayfish, La Tasquería, Madrid.
11. 'Atomica' N'Duja Pizza, Honest Crust, Altrincham Market.
12.  Pork Belly Steamed Bao, Ibérica, Manchester.
13. Slow cooked beef short rib, Tuscan fennel sausage, n'duja. Sugo Pasta Kitchen, Altrincham.
14. Kuai Tiew Duck, Siam Smiles, Manchester.
15. Suckling Pig, Coque, Madrid.
16. Ashes rice, Quique Dacosta at Ibérica, Manchester.
17. Beef Tartare, Burnt Truffle, Heswall.
18. Txuleton‬, Levanter, Ramsbottom.
19. Tiara with salted fish & pickles, La Salita, Valencia.
20. Roast Lamb, summer cabbage and hyssop. Dan Cox at The French, Manchester.
 21. Arroz cremoso de Tripas de Bacalao, poltrota y encurtidos, (Creamy cod rice). Saiti, Valencia.
22. Organic Beef Hamburger, Canalla Bistro, Valencia.
23. Oyster from Valencia, avocado and 'horchata' of galanga, Ricard Camarena, Valencia.
24. 'Posh' Lobster Soup, Rob Owen Brown at Palate, Chorlton.
25. 'High Peak' Rack of lamb at The Lowry Hotel, Manchester.

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