Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Chef Week at The French: Dan Cox.

Here are some highlights of a fantastic evening at The French last Friday with Chef Dan Cox Executive Chef at Fera at Claridge's for Simon Rogan.
Snacks; Squid, oyster, herb bunch ~ Chicken wing, radish and malt ~ Sole, smoked pork, lovage.
Green and white asparagus.
Portland crab, flowering stems, fennel, seaweed.
Also Carrots with ox tongue and elderflower (not pictured).
Steamed cod, sweet bell turnip, black truffle.
Roast lamb, summer cabbage and hyssop.
Meadowsweet, Pershore cherries, sheep's milk ice. (Below Chef Dan Cox & sommelier Filippo Zito).

We're all huge fans of The French and chef Dan so it was one of the highlights of the year for us, in terms of food and impeccable service as ever from the best FOH in the city.
Read my interview with Dan Cox here.


  1. Hi Bacon

    We were in the evening before with Adam Reid. He even had the time at the end of service to invite us into the kitchen.

    The dinner was great, with a couple of dishes I thought could of been improved upon. Great place to have in the city though.