Thursday 10 March 2016

La Tasquería, Madrid.

If you plan on visiting La Tasquería in Madrid it will help if you're not a squeamish fussy eater like so many Brits are. We haven't got much time for those on this website. You see La Tasquería specialises in nose to tail and offal and all that good stuff. Inspired in part perhaps by St. John in London but also it's very modern Spanish too. They say "We want to revive this tradition so beloved in Madrid and back into fashion, offal well made, fun, different." They have succeeded if our dinner was anything to go by. We got off the plane, quickly checked in and got a taxi straight to La Tasquería, where we claimed the last table in there at 10pm on a busy Friday night. 
I often judge a place by their bread and the bread here is superb so I knew we were in for a treat.
We begin proper with some olives and cured pork tongue, little slivers of rich cured meat. Lengua de cerdo curada.
Next a jar of  Partridge paté, beautifully rich and smooth.
Pig's Snout Taco, pickles and Anchovy is perfect, a great bite. Morro, encurtidos, anchoa.
Veal cheek with mushrooms and toasted bread.
Manitas, alcachofas y cigala. Pig's Trotter, Artichoke, crayfish. These are utterly delicious, in fact everything here is. Writing about it weeks after we went, I can recall that sticky sauce, sublime!
Veal Sweetbreads.
Pig tails with smoked eel and cheese.
Yet again another big hit for Madrid. We loved La Tasquería. Young head chef Javi Estèvez is enthusiastic and friendly and the service is spot on too. In fact, I take back what I said earlier, do bring a fussy eater here to La Tasquería, just don't tell them what it is they're eating, as everything is just too bloody good to miss out on.

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