Thursday 1 October 2015

Wahaca, Manchester.

As Wahaca opened on my actual birthday it seemed too much of a coincidence not to celebrate at their colourful new Corn Exchange restaurant. By the time we got round to ordering the food, I'm surprised I could hold a camera straight at all to be honest. As a rule I try not to review meals I didn't pay for but from what I remember, the food is as good as their Soho branch and the service is excellent. So here's a preview photo story of our night (minus the drunkenness).

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  1. We went a couple of weeks after it opened and found that it wasn't quite up to the "oh my God it's the most amazing food ever" billing that many like to give it. It was good, don't get me wrong, but maybe our expectations were unjustly high. Particularly when you factor in the price point. To me it's a slightly more mexican Las Iguanas (when Las Iguanas was good and didn't water the menu down).

    They did manage to serve us uncooked fish tacos and uncooked churros, but the manager elected to write the entire cost of the meal off! This took us a little by surprise as we were more than happy to pay for the other dishes, as we'd enjoyed them. Service was exemplary though, regardless of the freebie - just as it should be and too often isn't in Manchester.

    1. Completely agree, service was excellent. I've never thought of the food as 'amazing' here, it's good enough for what it is & probably still the best in Mexican food in Manchester.