Wednesday 28 October 2015

Turners, Lancashire

There are a few reasons why the set of photos I took at lovely local café Turners are amongst my most favourites.
1. Hands.
I went in with the intention of using more human interaction in the photos. Hands and people holding dishes just adds that personal touch which seemed to suite this friendly place so well.
2. Colour. I always bump up the colours on photos and the bright blue aprons, the purple upholstery and the blue chairs combined, really makes for aesthetically pleasing shots. I especially love the way the green leaves pop against the burgundy backdrop below. The meat picture underneath also echoes the tone and the blue bowls contrast perfectly.
3. Black and White. Where the colour is muddled or not really doing anything for the photo I often convert to black and white which is effective especially when there are people in the frame, giving a classic, timeless quality.
4. People. Some people just seem to take good photos. We all know that instinctively. If there are those people around I try to frame them in the picture and get them to be my model without them knowing about it hopefully! (Was that Changing Rooms presenter Linda Barker in the middle booth? It certainly looked like her).
5. Details. Sometimes looking for small details, close ups and small elements can say as much about a place as a wide open shot with lots in it.
6. Food. It helps if the food is presented in a beautiful way and is as colourful as this. Chef Tom Parker from their highly rated pub up the road The White Swan at Fence came down to plate up. The wooden table and board are pleasingly distressed, which all adds to the right look.
In the end the client loved the photos as much as I did which is hugely satisfying as I always put in so much effort and pride into my work.

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  1. Gorgeous photos, as always. What is that woman's hair all about though!!