Friday 7 August 2015

Burger & Lobster, Manchester.

Whenever the subject of hotly anticipated Burger and Lobster has been discussed, sooner or later one of us says, 'but £20 though, for a burger, a bit steep isn't it?' The whole Lobster (steamed or grilled) and Lobster Roll are £20 each too (with chips and a salad). I'm guessing that in a group or a couple, one of you gets the lobster and the other orders the burger, so in a way the burger subsidises the lobster. You'd not really come here just for a burger without the lobster. However the burger is big and it's 10oz, larger than the standard. It's also one of the loveliest juiciest burgers I've had in the city.
We went along to the soft opening yesterday and I have to say we were impressed. It's massive for a start, housed in an elegant Grade II listed building at the top of King Street. It's cavernous inside, I really like the large pass with it's luminous motif perhaps inspired by Peter Saville's design for Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album cover.
Service is efficient and friendly, our food arrived in super quick time. The lobster and lobster roll are as good as you'd expect for a restaurant that specialises in them (we've not had better in the city). Firm, sweet and fresh and the whole lobster yields easily enough flesh for two (you can view the live lobsters in tanks at the entrance to the restaurant like a mini aquarium. I wonder can you pick the one that you want?)
But the burger is the biggest surprise. It's actually  rare for a start, restaurants often refuse to serve them this pink or it comes and it's not rare at all. Consequently this one really tastes of proper juicy meat. It seems like our post holiday 'diet' has gone to pot.
The Lobster Mac n' Cheese side is good too (you can taste quite large chunks of lobster, they've not scrimped here I notice).
I'm struggling to find anything that we didn't like. Erm, well if you twist my arm, DJ's belong in clubs not restaurants and £4.50 for a 2/3 schooner of Asahi is a bit steep. Why not pints? But these are town prices I guess. Apart from these little niggles, you know Burger & Lobster just really works brilliantly.
 * We paid for drinks not food for the three day soft opening (open to anyone who 
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  1. £4.50 for 2/3 is absurd!

    That photo of the waitresses in front of the pass is amazing - if only they didn't have that computer screen with the pink background... really impressive pic.


    1. Thanks Anna, I was really pleased with the pic, cheers for your comment, it's means a lot to get positive feedback. Hope it's going well in London x

  2. Great pictures as always! Really enjoyed my visit, fab new addition to the city :)


  3. How much was the Mac & Cheese & Lobster side??