Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fraiche, Merseyside.

I've seen a few people in the restaurant industry say they don't like Michelin star style 'fine dining'. It all comes down to personal taste but it's a strange inverted snobbery. If you really love good food, why limit yourself to only one style? I can enjoy a big juicy burger one day and savour the sheer brilliance of somewhere like Fraiche the next. Because make no mistake, few if any local restaurants can match the food and masterful skill of chef Marc Wilkinson whichever way you look at it. In the North West possibly only a few other places. Even in terms of quality cooking, you'd be hard pressed to find say the Gressingham duck dish below better anywhere else. To be fair though, in the wrong hands, this sort of food can be a dog's dinner, which makes restaurants like Fraiche even more treasured for us.
We returned a few months after our first visit and if anything it was even better this time. I won't go into detail on this occasion, if you've been before you'll know. If you haven't, make a note of the first of the month because that's when you need to book three months ahead.   
Pea, Ibérico ham, mint.
Carrot, Camembert, chicken crisp.
Wild sea trout, rocket cream, dashi.
Gressingham Duck, kohlrabi, cherry.
Raspberry, smoked yoghurt, honey crisp.
The £38 for Sunday lunch is unbeatable value for food of this quality. 
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