Wednesday 6 May 2015

10 Best Manchester Meat Dishes.

Manchester loves meat. As opposed to fish. This is why there are so many steakhouses in town and no seafood restaurants. We infrequently cook proper full on meat dishes at home but if we do we always buy it from our local butcher. Never in a supermarket apart from the odd bit of chorizo. So meat is like a proper treat, a luxury when we go out, which is really how it should be.
After recently visiting arguably the best BBQ restaurant in the world Asador Etxebarri, (review to come soon) I celebrate the best of Manchester's meaty dishes.
Below; Mrs Bacon's Pork Belly. (Meat from W.H Frost).
 1. Porterhouse Steak at Hawksmoor. We don't often order steak out, it's so often a disappointment. Not in this case, this is absolutely superb.
2. Twice Cooked Lamb at Ibérica. We've had this twice now, it's so succulent & juicy.
3.  Ox in coal oil at The French. The signature dish.
 4. Suckling Pig at Ibérica. More superb product from Segovia.
 5. Mughlai Lamb Chops at Mughli. Still the best I've tried.
6. Chicken Poutine at Hawksmoor.  
It's the very essence of chicken flavour with the crispy skin, love it on a barm or on its own.
7. Dripping Pig Ribs at Beef and Pudding. I really need to go back for these, they're excellent.
8. Belted Galloway Beef at Manchester House. A signature dish, I like the theatre of it.
9. Raw beef with pickled paw paw at Mr Cooper's. Another winner from Simon Rogan.
10.  Chorizo in Red Wine at Levanter
 I had to include a chorizo dish, nothing can not be improved without the addition of chorizo. 

Recommended Butchers.
W.H. Frost, 12-14 The Square, Chorlton Place, Manchester M21 9AQ.
Axons, 5 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester M20 6TN.
Robinson JW, 284 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester M21 8HA.


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