Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Filthy Cow, Manchester.

Restaurants are opening up so quickly in Manchester that I can barely keep up. The problem is that some appear to focus on anything but their menu. So you get lots of photos of their flash interior on opening night and none of the actual food. I was initially put off Filthy Cow, a new burger place. Firstly because we really don't need any more burgers and secondly the branding didn't really do much for me. It all seemed a bit gimmicky. But by all accounts, the burgers are actually good and the real interesting story is that of Jordan Gallimore who runs the place is just 23.
Our lunch elsewhere is cancelled so we needed something quick and easy. We turn up at midday on Friday and by quarter past the whole place is full. It shows they're doing something right. They are, the burgers are good, simple how I prefer them and they taste of actual meat. They're kind of like you imagine McDonalds or Burger King to be in your head but they never actually are. (They must be filed along with chippy fish and chips and Mr Whippy as fond childhood memories that are disappointing in reality). It's twice as good as Five Guys too. (The food is served similarly on a tray out of paper).
We both go for the Filthy Beast (Beef Patty, bacon and cheese, sauce, pickled gherkin, beef tomato, lettuce £7.50) and share fries. What is blatantly obvious is that they've done their research and worked on it. It shows in the food which they've kept refreshingly simple.
So we've got no complaints here at all. Maybe I'd like mine a tad pinker but that's it really. I have a brief chat with Jordan when a large group request our window table, she handles it with charm and ease. (I need my light for the photos!) It's evident that there's no 'cooler than you' attitude here.
As someone who was bored of burgers, I've somehow managed to eat four in the last month or so. Surprisingly this was one of the best of the lot. We had no real intention of going here originally but sometimes you just want something inexpensive, quick and easy and at just £20 for two I'd put money on us going back.
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