Wednesday 15 April 2015

Common, Manchester.

It's a rainy, grey Sunday afternoon and I'm sat in my favourite Northern Quarter Bar with Sam whilst Mrs Bacon goes shopping. But it's a shadow of it's former scruffy self since a recent refit. They've had quite a lot of criticism on social media about the new look so I won't add to it. Although I abhor change too, I'm not so hostile to it and I see why they've done it when I try some new dishes off of their new menu. You could say it's more of a grown up space for more grown up food. I still miss the old bar but sat there for a few hours reading the papers doesn't really feel that much different to how it was.
I had planned to just have just a Reuben sandwich but of course these things always escalate with me. Looking through twitter, a few people mention some of the new dishes. They're moving away a little bit from the 'dirty food' thing here although you can still get burgers and fries but it's so nice to see some real proper food and fish too.
The best of the lot is the Hake with dhal, a most enjoyable dish that perhaps wouldn't look out of place at Mr Cooper's. Unfortunately they'd run out of the accompanying cauliflower so they gave us a fresh green salad instead. It's certainly a revelation to see me eat a salad in a bar.
We also enjoy the Salt & Pepper Squid.
And the planned Reuben sandwich & chilli cheese fries.
Finishing off with a very decent flat white.
Despite the much criticised refit, I still like Common very much, it's always had a mellow vibe, it remains dog friendly, has good service (Ellie is lovely) and low and behold they're taking the bold step of serving some more real food in the Northern Quarter. You have to applaud them for that. More please.
Most importantly of all, the price is right. It all came to just £34.60 for two including a reasonable £3.50 for a pint of cask beer.

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  1. Those chilli cheese fries look incredible!

    Amazing photos, as always.