Thursday 22 January 2015

10 Greek Island Beaches.

It's that time of the year when we start thinking about our Summer holidays. January is so cold, dark and grim that we desperately need something to look forward to. This year, we're almost certainly going to Parga on the Greek mainland.
We fell in love with the Greek islands several years ago, starting with Kefalonia and have been to a different one pretty much every year since then. Looking back, here's some favourite beaches we've found on the way.
1. Vrika, Anti Paxos. The boat arrives at this turquoise beach flanked by pine trees and you've finally reached paradise (apart from the other people of course). There's a great taverna too. (See my review here).
2. Voutoumi, Anti Paxos.
Crystal clear waters and blinding white sand continue at this beach just a short walk around the headland.
3. Tsougria Island.
The Beatles were said to have considered buying this little island just off Skiathos. You can see why when you take a boat trip out there from Skiathos town.
4. Kipiadi, Paxos. 
We drove over the roughest road I've ever driven on and struggled through overgrown shrubs and brambles to get to this beach. It was worth it though, there were only a couple of other people on it, it was so peaceful and quiet.
 5. Falasarna, Crete. A huge empty, windy beach with pinkish golden sand. 
6. Limnonari, Skopelos. A quiet little emerald green bay of large pebbles and one small hotel. Bliss.
7. Mandraki Elias, Skiathos. 
A walk through pine trees off the beaten track is well worth it.
8. Lourdas, Kefalonia. It's the way in which this beach sits in the landscape of cypress trees and mountains that made it so special for me.
 9. Gerakas, Zakynthos. Protected turtles come here to lay their eggs. A beautiful spot.
10. Myrtos Bay, Kefalonia. One of the most famous beaches in Greece.
We have a long way to go though, there six thousand Greek islands.

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