Monday 22 December 2014

10 Best Meals of 2014.

Yes, it's yet another boring 'best of 2014' post as if you needed any more. Here's my end of year top 10 meals anyway.
10. The French, Manchester.
The French just keeps getting better every year. Not so far away from L'Enclume and Fera, for me. It's not if it gets a Michelin star but when. And yes it does matter.
9. Lake Road Kitchen, Ambleside.
One of the most exciting new restaurants of 2014 without doubt. We hope to return next year.
8. Man Behind The Curtain, Leeds.
One of my most popular blog posts in recent months, it could easily be somewhere that doesn't actually work in the wrong hands but it does and with some style too.
7. Punto MX, Madrid.
The best Mexican restaurant in Europe and now a holder of a well deserved Michelin Star. This actually changed the way we saw Mexican food.
6. The Clove Club, London.
This is what a modern one star restaurant looks like. It was such an enjoyable meal too. (The two are not always mutually exclusive).
5. Fera, London. 
We decided to go to Fera at the last minute as they had an offer on. I'm so glad we did as the food was nothing short of stunning.
4. Kitchen Table, London. 
A master-class in fine food and such an engaging experience.
 3. DiverXo, Madrid.
I wish we could do it all again without eating at Street-Xo for lunch. Mind-blowing and almost too much.
2. Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa María, Spain.
I've been championing this place for a year or two as it seems to be off the critics radar outside of Spain anyway. Now it has a second star that will change hopefully.
1. StreetXo, Madrid.
So good that we had to return the following day and eat every dish on the menu. Apart from the fact that we loved all of the food here, it inspired me to want to explore the original Asian cuisine that inspires chef David Muñoz. I can't wait until it arrives in London next year.
Dish of the Year; Pekines Dumpling. Pig confit ear and strawberry hoisin. Ali-oli.
50 Dishes of the Year.

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