Thursday 13 November 2014

Bacon on Beech Road.

I live just off Beech road in Chorlton hence the name Bacon on the Beech not beach. Here's a round up of all the places just on my doorstep. Starting on the green itself and walking up Beech road and back down again.
The Horse and Jockey.
I've made my feelings about this place very clear. It's a soulless chain pub with a menu designed by corporate head office rather than by a chef. It's a fake 'gastro' pub in disguise with cheap quality meat I wouldn't feed to my dog. They've cut food prices now which would indicate to me that this approach just isn't working here.
However they have kept the existing events ran by the previous owners, a very impressive firework display recently and the quaint markets on the green. The beer ain't bad. It could be so much better though.
The Beech.
My local pub and favourite boozer, it still retains it's old school charm despite an onslaught by the 'yummy mummies'. Shame about Parlour dogs having to to shut down though and the Hungry Gecko leaving.
Thai Spice.
Pretty average Thai food and not that cheap either. Nice sticky ribs though.
Parlour.  Famous for their Sunday dinner which is still a winner. A good range of ales and interesting looking specials too.
Bar San Juan.
More of a Spanish bar first and foremost than anything else with a good atmosphere and pretty standard, simple tapas.
Beech Road Cafe.
We've never been here but have heard pretty good reports of their breakfasts which we can easily do at home. Bizarrely, it never opens in the evening.
Beggars Bush.
Not a regular haunt of ours as it doesn't have real ale, it is a pleasant bar with a nice vibe and friendly staff too.
Epicerie Ludo. We love this deli, especially the croissants, proper baguettes and stinky French cheese, like Époisses. That's your Saturday night tea right there. Lovely customer service too. A middle class dream.
Essentially a newsagent, but so much more. They sell top local Barbakan bread and Frosts sausages and bacon. If we ever get fully snowed in, you could survive just from this shop alone for as long as you wanted.
Beech Rd chippy.
Apparently the 'only English' chip shop in Chorlton. Standard soggy, greasy chips and tasteless thickly battered fish if that's English enough for you.
The Laundrette. 
Unfathomably popular place on the corner overlooking the park. A re-visit is due soon to see if they've learnt how to make proper pizza yet. I know they're looking at getting a wood fired oven which will definitely be an improvement.
The Love Juice. 
Essentially the opposite of everything I'm into but I have enjoyed one of their juices. If being healthy and vegan is your thing, then this is the place for you.
JB Richardson; The Bakery.
Proper ace, popular old school bakers. Fantastic granary bread, pies pasties and cakes such as this vanilla slice.
The Leadstation. 
Big in the 90's, they've just not moved on food wise. Needs a fresh direction.
Cute teashop. 
Royal Balti Palace Indian Take-away. 
This is our Indian takeaway of choice and it's pretty good too.
King City Chinese Takeaway. Standard gloopy Chinese. For sale. 
We went once and that was enough. I think they may need a bigger sign.
The 'Famous' Trevor Pub.
Rumours about this being turned into a 'gastro' pub I think are probably premature although there are plans for a whole revamp including a kitchen adding.
Chorlton Green Brasserie.
We like what they're trying to do here, a re-visit is due soon. Last time the food just wasn't good enough in all honesty. 
So in conclusion, for things like great bread and booze we do very well on Beech road. We're in need though of somewhere a little better for food I think and just slightly higher end. I'm hoping Chester's wonderful bistro, Sticky Walnut choose us for their second location Burnt Truffle. 
Ideally I'd also like a Belgian mussel/beer bar and a Basque Pintxos bar but you can't have everything can you?



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