Wednesday 1 October 2014

Solita Didsbury.

When Franco, owner of Solita in the Northern Quarter was looking for locations for a second restaurant in the suburbs, I was hoping he'd come to Chorlton. In hindsight Didsbury was much better for them if not for us. You only have to look at the expensive cars driving around here to see that there's so much more money knocking about. Franco already reported that people actually spend more money than the original restaurant and have introduced a fully computerised booking system to cope. They're already fully booked this weekend as I write this on Friday afternoon.
I was asked to come and photograph a few new specials and took the opportunity to shoot the impressive interior too. I love the neon cow which in recent weeks must be the most photographed cow in Manchester. Also the giant SOLITA letters and of course the fantastic illustrations by local artist Stanley Chow. It looks like Solita in Didsbury will be another big success story because they give people what they want.
"Breville Without A Cause" grilled cheese burger. This was the big seller as Franco had anticipated.
Wagyu ribeye steak. Interesting to note that this won't make any money, as Wagyu is so expensive to buy but it's more of a 'shop front' loss leader, ie, it will get the foodies and press in.
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  1. I'd been waiting to try this place out ever since I heard it opened as the NQ restaurant is one of my favourites. Hoping they'd transferred their great food across perfectly I took my mum & family for her birthday.
    Having had the Mac Daddy special last time at NQ and loving the fried Mac & Cheese I had the fried mac & cheese starter. Very disappointing. Lost the lovely soft melted cheese inside, more like balls of batter.
    The ribs were cooked well but just had BBQ poured on top rather than being marinated in it or anything.
    Burger were almost the same as the NQ but the meat quality was awful! Can't remember the last time I'd had such poor meat in Manchester.

    Overall disappointed. What's worse is, a week before I'd recommended the place to my office as a social evening out. Not sure whether to risk it again or arrange to go somewhere else now...