Wednesday 15 October 2014

Restaurante El Faro de Cádiz.

As we saw with Casa Balbino, well known places don't always live up to their reputations. Thankfully El Faro de Cádiz most definitely did. A few different people had mentioned it as a 'must eat' so, as the sun was setting, we hailed a taxi from the Parador where we were staying in the scruffy seaside town of Cádiz.
As is often the case, we were there first there at about 8.30. El Faro de Cádiz is considered the best fish restaurant in Cádiz but we were here strictly for tapas. The long tiled room is standing only, I had a look at the menu. There are very few dishes I recognised as 'standard' which is usually a good sign. We started to order, and after tasting a few dishes, we ordered more and more, sometimes not even knowing exactly what it was we were getting....
Judiones con Ahumados. (Butterbeans). €2.75.
Gambas en Bechamel. (Prawns). €2.55.
Croquetas de Pargo y Bacalao. (3 Red snapper and cod croquettes). €2.55.
Pinchos de Langostinos envueltos en Bricks y Fritos. (Fried shrimp skewers). €2.55.
Salpicón de Pescados y Mariscos. (I think, a cold seafood salad, €2.75).
Canutillo de Pasta filo relleno de Aguacates con Salmon Ahumado y salsa de Maiz. (Pasta filled with avocado and smoked salmon, €3.45).
Piquillo rebozado relleno de chipirones y marisco. Battered pepper filled with squid & shellfish. (€2.90).
Pavia de Bacalao y Wasabi sobre una cream de membrillo. (Cod). €3.45.
Sardina Ahumada. €3.50.
Albondigas de Ternera con Rabo Guisado. (Meatballs, €4.80).
Everything here comes from the traditional classic side of tapas but there is no pretension, just great simple food, executed extremely well. If you're in Cádiz, El Faro is an institution you must definitely visit.

*Our final bill came to €42.75 including drinks!

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