Thursday, 23 October 2014

New Menu at Levanter, Ramsbottom.

I was commissioned by Fiona and Joe at Levanter in Ramsbottom for a piece in Olive food Magazine. It never loses it's thrill seeing your work in print, so I'll look forward to that one. Here's a selection of photos of the new dishes on the menu. Olives.
Boquerón Beer.

Deep Fried Manchego with Crispy Jamón Serrano (£4.50). 
Carrillera de Iberico
, Slow Braised Ibérico Pork Cheek in Oloroso Sherry (£6).
Caldoso Con Pescados
, Fish Stew with Mussels, King Prawns, Cod & Smoked Haddock (£6).
Roasted Squash, Honey, Vinagre De Jerez, Thyme, Sage & Garlic (£4.50).
Fried hake with Clams, White Wine & Parsley (£6). 
Deep Fried Aubergines in Saffron & Alhambra Batter (£4.50).
Jamón ibérico.
Chuletas De Cordero,
Lamb Cutlets & Salsa Verde (£6).
Moroccan Pork Belly Ribs.
I had to wave the white flag about half way through, these portions aren't small. 
For the original full review click here

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