Monday 1 September 2014

Sunday Dinner at Parlour Chorlton.

Everybody in Chorlton knows that Sunday Dinner at Parlour is a winner. It even got an Observer award for 'best in the country' a few years back. I suppose it helps that nearby newsagent Etchells is said to sell more Guardians (and Observers presumably) than nearly anywhere else in the country.
If you turn up at ten to twelve even before the doors open, you may not be the first there, we weren't. We were keen though to return after about a year.
It could be easy for them to rest on their laurels like Croma have. To snip a bit back here and there, hoping nobody will notice. Restaurants often do this when they get a reputation for things. You could hardly blame them in a way. People will come here no matter what. Folk living in Chorlton love style over substance, you don't have to go too far down Beech road for further details.
Interesting to compare them with their near competitors as well. It's £12.95 as opposed to around about a tenner elsewhere on the street. However that extra few quid gets you good quality meat from local butchers Frosts as opposed to cheaper suppliers. Parlour have very sensibly kept the bar high.
Style over substance is not the case with Parlour. If anything the Sunday dinner was actually better than our last visit. Last time about 6 months ago we had a beef butty and the meat was a little gristly and over-sinewy. The meat this time was absolutely spot on, perfect in texture and flavour. Great roasties too, nicely crisp on the outside (I like mine quite well done) and super fluffy on the inside. I washed it all down with a very drinkable smoked porter from Macclesfield's Red Willow brewery. (Not too smoky as some can be).
As we were ordering I got a 'not enough food panic'. This happens to greedy bastards like myself. Mrs B will tell you stories of pizzas as large as dustbin lids on holiday because I 'wouldn't share'.  In this case it wasn't actually necessary, but I ordered an extra portion of roasties and extra gravy just in case. (A bugbear of mine is never enough spuds and gravy). Obviously I scoffed the lot. I needed a bit of a sleep afterwards.
Parlour don't need me to say how good their Sunday dinner is, they're busy enough. This time the people of Chorlton have got it spot on, it's a winner their Sunday dinner.

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