Tuesday 30 September 2014

Return to Vietshack.

We returned to our favourite 'cheap eat' in Manchester, the recent award winning Vietshack in the Arndale. The food was as fresh and tasty as ever but I wish we'd have braved the rain and the queue in Albert square to check out a few more different dishes from our previous visit. (Mrs Bacon doesn't like the rain and I hate to queue, I'm too impatient).
For us personally we can stand a bit more heat in the food as well, we seem to be wanting even more spice these days. Still, it was good to get in to town, eat and f*ck off home. Job done, bellies satisfied.
Our feast was as follows; Vietdog (2 - £5).
King Prawn Summer Roll (£2.80).
Bahn-Mi (Chicken, £3).
Viet Wrap (£3).
To see the original full review click here.
* £15 approx for this lot and drinks. Paid in full.
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