Monday, 22 September 2014

Return to Siam Smiles.

It may be hard to believe but some people don't like food bloggers. I know, who'd have believed such a thing? It's funny though, the longer you do this you more you become less sensitive to the opinions and motivation of others making abrasive comments. Perhaps that sounds arrogant, but when I first started putting my head above the parapet as it were, people venting the occasional nasty comment would upset me. As time goes on though it becomes less so and I find myself becoming slightly more confident in my own opinions and less bothered about the thoughts of people who I don't know. (Although of course, it's always interesting to see if people in general agree with you or not, and not everyone will like what you do). On the whole for me, social media is a good and friendly place, full of like-minded people who share the same love of food and who are normally pretty polite, (manners cost nothing), so the exchange of information and opinions with people I respect is extremely beneficial.
There are times I will admit, where I wonder why I'm doing it. It's such a strange thing to do - restaurant blogging. My main motivation really, if I'm completely honest is pure greed. For the want of going to a good restaurant, for a good feed.

Afterwards it's usually enjoyable to put a post like this together, it's a creative process, taking and manipulating the photos and also trying to put my brain in use to write it all out as best as I can. I'm no writer, few bloggers are, but I've always tried to be as honest and balanced as I can.
Occasionally, you realise a happy after effect can be, that if you have enough people reading your website, you can inspire them to visit somewhere that you've really enjoyed. This has happened with Siam Smiles. As I said in my previous post I was initally inspired in turn to visit after seeing Hungry Hoss and Franco, owner of Solita tweet about it.
I can't claim to have any great knowledge about authentic thai food, but I've been back a few times to Siam Smiles and I've really enjoyed it each time. For me it's like discovering something new as opposed to the thai green and red curries that we're accustomed to. I love the light and fragrant spicy food of course, (especially the noodle dishes), I love the prices but I also like sitting in a thai supermarket as strange as that sounds. It's unique and fun because of that.
This has then helped to 'hype' it up in some way I guess. (This seems to irritate some people too). I would argue that bloggers don't have that much influence in Manchester individually. The national press however do. (As Stosie at the Parkers Arms will tell you after the Jay Rayner review).
It seems Marina o'Loughlin, food writer at The Guardian has recently been to Siam Smiles. I get the impression that she really liked it as I guessed she might. So my advice is go now now, before the review, because it's going to get a lot busier after it.
Our Sunday lunch was as follows.
Khao Moo Krob. Crispy belly pork. (£5.95).
Kuai Tiew Duck Yellow noodle, roast duck with Braise duck soup, garnish, morning glory, bean sprout. (£5.50).
Fish Balls. (£6.95). We weren't so keen on these, they have a strange rubbery texture. An acquired taste I think.
Kuay Tiew Tom Yam. Minced pork, fish ball, fish tofu, rice noodles and beansprout in a hot and sour spicy soup. (£5.50).
My friend's dish. I think it was the Kuay Tiew Yen Ta Fo. Flat noodles, sliced fish tofu and fish ball with Morning glory and coriander. (£5.50).
*See my previous review here
*Paid in full each and every time. 
 *The new menu, click to enlarge.

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  1. The food here looks fab. Yet another review that makes me wish I could live in several places at once!

  2. I`m just home from my 18th trip to Thailand and can assure anyone reading this that the food looks as authentic as you`re going to get in Thailand. I`ve not seen this in any UK Thai restaurant so far. Top marks guys....Must try it out.

  3. This one looks so good, again miss this here in N Spain so much.