Thursday 4 September 2014

Manchester Favourites.

As I'm often asked by out-of-towners for food and drink advice, I thought I'd put them under one post. I've not been to every restaurant in Manchester but I've tried quite a lot and these are my own personal favourites. (There are of course always more to try). As ever they're my opinions only, you may prefer others I've omitted, we can't always agree on everything can we? (Click on links for full reviews).
Favourite Japanese. Yuzu without doubt. Favourite Dish. Sashimi.
Favourite High End Food. There are only two main players if you want the best food in town and money's no object. My preference is for The French, there's also Manchester House. Favourite Dish. Ox in coal oil. (The French).
Favourite Mid Range. For when you want some nice scran but don't want to go full high end. There's only one choice as far as I'm concerned. Mr Cooper's House and Garden. Favourite Dish. Malabar pilaff, lamb rumps.   
Favourite Burgers. I've always like Almost Famous and their daft OTT offerings, but recently had a great burger from Solita. So between these two for me.
Favourite Dish. Almost Famous; Butter Blood & Bleu.  
Solita; Hemingway Burger. (Ltd edition).
Favourite Cheap Eats.
I'd go for Vietshack in the Arndale food court and plenty of others do too so be prepared to queue. Favourite Dish. Bahn-Mi.
Favourite Indian. All right thinking people know that it's Mughli, no doubt.
Favourite Dish. The Nihari.
Favourite 'Chinese'. (Cantonese). It's not my favourite cuisine but I thought Ocean Treasure was pretty good on our last visit. Favourite Dish. Aromatic Crispy Duck.
Favourite Thai. It's newcomer, cheap and cheerful Siam Smiles. Favourite Dish. Kuai Tiew Duck.
Favourite Italian. I'd go for independent Salvi's Cucina
Favourite Mexican. Despite a mixed night last week, my choice would still be the new El Capo.  Favourite Dish. Moronga, Paraguayan slow cooked pork stew.  I must also mention Luck Lust liquor and Burn though as they remain a favourite, albeit American/Mexican.

Favourite Cocktails. 
I like Dusk til Pawn in the Northern Quarter, for a cool, dark underground vibe. If you're looking for cocktails with a view, Manchester House's 12th floor lounge is the place to head for. They both make a mean Smoky Old Fashioned.
Favourite Bar (A place for Hipster Watching, with or without your dog). I've grown fond of sitting about Common bar in the Northern Quarter (obviously) lately. Favourite Beer. Their revolving house cask is pretty good value at £3.50, last week it was Red Willow Directionless.
Favourite Old Fashioned Boozer. The Castle Hotel.
Favourite Cake. Home Sweet Home.
Favourite Spanish. Nowhere in the city centre until Ibérica and El Gato Negro arrive. Try Levanter in Ramsbottom, only 45 minutes drive away if you want great tapas.
Favourite Craft Beer Pub.  Port Street Beer House.
Favourite  Place for Dessert. The River Bar & Grill at The Lowry Hotel Favourite Dish; Trifle. I do love a trifle, me.

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  1. Can't fault any of these choices! Great little overview!