Monday 29 September 2014

Las Teresas, Seville.

In the mid 90's, following a break up with my then Spanish girlfriend, I decided to travel around Andalucia on my own. In an otherwise miserable and lonely experience, I remember fondly wandering in and out of traditional tapas bars in the Santa Cruz area of Seville at night. Las Teresas was always one of those bars. 
We've been back to Seville several times since and always make a beeline for this place. It's never changed in all that time. The L shaped narrow bar with dusty bottles of rioja, the traditional tiles, the hanging hams, the bullfighting posters, just being there is always a pleasure. It feels 'authentic' rather than a tourist trap.
On this occasion we enjoyed a last drink and some Jamón ibérico and Lomo with local tour guide Shawn Hennessey from
Whenever we return to Seville, we'll always make a visit to Las Teresas, it's just something that you have to do. For me it's the archetype traditional Sevillana tapas bar.

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