Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New menu at Mughli.

We traditionally go for a curry after a weekend away and this bank holiday Monday was no different. So we went to sample some of the new dishes on offer at Mughli (easily my favourite Indian restaurant in Manchester). They now have one whole menu page devoted to Street food and the other side for larger mains curries. Haz is persuading people to order a number of smaller dishes rather than just one, as Indian families would tend to do at home. Being greedy pigs, obviously we ordered from both.
Chilli Paneer. Mixed peppers, onions and baby corn. (£4.50). I got a delayed reaction to the spiciness, then it kicks in. Wow, it's a hot one this! A nice crispy, zingy texture as a starter dish.
Keralan Fish cakes (£4.50). Salmon and haddock fish cakes, seasoned with potato and ginger and coated in puri crumb. (£4.50).
The problem I have with fish cakes generally is that they can be bland and dry with the potato and breadcrumbs in the mix. These weren't bland by any means, but they were a little dry and I'd have liked to have seen a little more spice in there to lift them.
Pau Bhaji. Smashed and spiced vegetable and potato. (£6). I'd never have thought from the description how good this actually was. Possibly one of my most favourite Mughli dishes ever, it has that same comforting silky smoothness that the aubergine mash has. The vegetable and potato has been mixed down to a gorgeous spicy mash. So addictive, I wanted to gobble it all up but the three of us were sharing.
Saagwala (£9). Paneer in a spinach based sauce. We've not had this before, although it's been on the menu for a while. It's a true classic. I love how the velvety spinach congeals into the sauce and the squidgy cheese.
Nihari. (£9.90) Lamb shank, marrow juices, roasted spices, onions, ginger and coriander.
How do you improve on perfection? By leaving the lamb on the bone and serving it that way. (Actually easier for them, and we get the joy of gnawing on the bone and pulling that sumptuous, delicious fatty meat off). One of my best dishes of last year, doubtless will be this year too. Just lapping up that meaty stew with a spoon was a joy. Superb.  
Also, the Laziz. (£8.50) Chicken in Malai sauce, gently spiced with ginger and creamy yoghurt. This was fine mixing it together with the other dishes, a good alternative to the (quite rightfully) banished khorma but we wouldn't order this again. I'd prefer the more kick ass butter chicken personally.
Goan Fish Kari. (£9.50). Haddock slow cooked in creamy coconut sauce, mustard seeds and fresh bay leaf. Our second favourite mains, a gorgeous creamy sauce and delicate soft tender fish.
We waddled off in the rain, another successful trip to Mughli under our ever straining belts. I can guarantee we'll be back for more, addicts always do.

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  1. Also LOVEEED the pau bhaji. The laziz was a welcome break from the spice of the starters, but like you, don't think I would order this again when the Butter Chicken is so damn good! :)

    Nice bumping into you there!
    Anna x

    1. Lovely to see you both again Anna and thanks for the comment :)

  2. I had the chilli paneer and fish curry when we went the other week, both are my new favourites!

  3. Have you been to Lily's in Ashton?
    Went there a couple of weeks ago and the street food is excellent. It is South Indian and vegetarian.

    1. No, but heard great things, it's just the travelling up there that puts me off.We have to go to Ikea at some point though, wondering if we could combine the two,

    2. It is very close to Ikea, so I will be going to Lily's in the future rather than having meatballs and chips!