Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Parkers Arms, Lancashire.

When The Guardian's Food critic Jay Rayner gave The Parkers Arms a great review recently, all of us friends and fans alike were so pleased for them. The Parkers is more than just a country pub to many of us 'supporters'. Following Stosie regularly on twitter connects us daily, almost like a big family of food lovers. When they get an unfair and malicious 'review' from the idiots on Tripadvisor, we sometimes fight back with a review of our own. I think it's important to support places like this over the onslaught of dire two for one cheap and nasty chain pubs that litter the country.
In contrast we've always had a friendly welcome and fabulous food at the Parkers. We get treated by AJ, (Stosie and Kathy) like members of the family, you see The Parkers isn't really like most other country pubs and we're not getting special treatment as bloggers, that's just what they're like.
We returned for a surprise taster menu again recently on a sunny Friday afternoon. Surprise in that we just trust chef Stosie to send food out of her choosing. We're not as you've gathered, fussy eaters (to be honest I've not got much time for them, to me they've just not grown up, they're still eating like children). Although we are fussy about quality.
 I was trying to imagine the kitchen when AJ told Stosie that Jay Rayner was in for lunch. It sounded like an agonising wait until the review came out. In that time I'd tweeted the man himself and suggested that he try the Parkers but in fact he'd already been and loved it. I always figured he would like this style of unfussy unpretentious food as he did.
The effect on trade has been steadily increasing, and don't they just deserve it.
We were getting the 'taster menu' but please note that Stosie cannot serve this at busy times such as Sunday lunch etc, but will by prior arrangement. It's really a showcase for her skills. If you follow her on twitter, blogger or not, you will always get her 'tweet treats'. (Photo below, Sammie gets tweet treats too, from his pal AJ).
To start, potato skins have been improved with the addition of chicken skins, we loved them!
Hummus and tzatziki. Appropriate as we have just returned from Greece.
Pork scratching, fennel mayonnaise.
Mushroom Parfait. An absolute must every time as Stosie has been christened the 'queen of parfaits'.
Crab Parfait. Possibly my favourite of all. The very essence of crab in one gorgeous light and creamy bite. (Stosie was worried about it melting in the heat, it still tasted divine).
Fennel cured salmon, beetroot confit crisp jelly.
Soused mooli & sweet chilli rice cracker 
 Parker's Pastrami.
Lamb Kofta Burgers.
Bbqd baby back pork ribs & black peas, black pea purée & falafel. I think this was my least favourite of the mains but I think it's because I'm all 'ribbed out' as you can't move in Manchester for ribs these days.
Charcoal grilled mackerel, Linda's gooseberries.
Valrhona chocolate delice.
Gooseberry fool. I love Gooseberries and these were from a near neighbour who swaps them for a meal. I like the idea of swapping goods and services for food, as I have with these photos.
What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, eating beautiful food in such a fine setting. (I can't think of a nicer beer garden). If you're a food lover in the North West and haven't been to The Parkers yet, you need to get there as soon as you can. If you don't believe me, ask Jay Rayner.
*Please note I paid for this meal with these photos that you see here.
To see the photos in high resolution click here
To see the previous visit in February click here.

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