Wednesday 30 July 2014


Metaxa is so intrinsically linked with holidays in Greece that still now, the taste takes me back to those fantastic holidays. I guess the first time I tried it was as a complimentary post dinner liquor. It was the perfect meal in a perfect setting. You never forget your first time do you? Our first holiday in Greece was in Kefalonia. We ate a fine lobster spaghetti, the lobster caught by the owner himself that day in a little red boat. Afterwards, elderly Greek people started to slowly get up and dance to the traditional music. I fell in love with Greece at that very moment. That's when I had my first sip of Metaxa and there was no turning back, the genie was out of the bottle. It has a unique smooth herb-y flavour to it, a sweetness that I crave and that belies it's 40% alcohol. I usually find that the cheaper 3 star is fine (there's 3, 5 and the more mature seven stars which indicate the years it's matured). All I know is that one is rarely enough, just one more before bed.....

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