Wednesday 4 June 2014

Shoulder of Mutton, Ramsbottom.

We were so impressed with the taster menu from chef Chris Yates at the Shoulder of Mutton in Ramsbottom that we returned. Also, I've been making a little sideline in selling photos occasionally. People seem to like them and they help to fund a pretty expensive hobby. In this case I swapped a set of pics for Chris's new taster menu, a very fair swap I'd say. I don't know how this will effect the ethics of this blog post. I'm sure someone else who has a better grasp of morality will let me know, but I do believe that transparency is always the best policy, then you can make your own minds up.
In any case, I've already said that I think Chris Yates is one of the best chefs in the North West and this just confirmed what we already thought. He's not even thirty yet either. In my opinion this was Michelin star level food, it's as simple as that really. I can definitely see stars in their future, if they decide to go that way. They're happy at the moment serving great pub food too.
Pig in the country.
We sat outside in the sun and let Dan, Chris's brother, sommelier and front of house expertly guide us through it. I was taking advantage of the wine tasting menu this time. (I drove us there, Mrs Bacon drove us back, that's fair right?) I'm no expert on wine pairing, but these all worked really well for me.
Can you imagine us? Two food snobs sat on a bench outside in a sort of private courtyard area, very pleased with ourselves, eating exquisite food in the sun and being generally incredibly poncey about it, when a huge family of 2 couples and several screaming kids turn up and sit right behind us? (None of them eating of course). Hell is other people as Jean-Paul Sartre said, I'd like to add their kids too. We bravely ploughed on with the food like the greedy troupers we are. We had as follows.
Onion Cream Potato, House Ricotta.
Scallops Ceviche, Sesame Soy, Radish.
Truffled Chicken Sour Dough Pink Grapefruit Caramel.
Asparagus Gazpacho Parmesan Crème Fraiche. 
More wine...
Duck Grelot Hazelnut Celeriac. 
Salmon Burnt Apple, Shrimp, Samphire. 
even more wine....
Rose Veal Wild Garlic Pearl Barley Pedro Ximenez. 
Pigs Cheek Sweet Potato Cumin Orange Crisps. 
Eaton 'Neat And Tidy'
I left a little worse for wear but extremely happy after another successful lunch eating some of the best food our region has to offer.
Sammie hopes in vain for some scraps.
To see the photos in hi res click here
To see the earlier review click here.
*Sadly chef Chris Yates has since left The Shoulder so I cannot recommend it.


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  1. Now that`s my kind of treat.....Looks bloody gorgeous. Nice pics , very difficult to tke in the blazing sunshine but you captured the colours nicely.
    Now im going back again for another look....slower this time.