Thursday 5 June 2014

Mughli, Rusholme.

Yet another blog saying how good Mughli is? You probably know that already. Last week we had loads of drinks in town for a friend's birthday and we were in need of either a big juicy burger or a curry to soak up all the dirty booze. We had a look at Almost Famous but there was a queue, so we headed over to Rusholme in a cab to Mughli. That was well busy too but Haz got us a seat in no time. It would be interesting to compare what we had against the newcomer, upmarket Indian restaurant over the road which we went to (and really enjoyed) last week.
A picture I took earlier.
Meanwhile we got to chat with Haz about foodie gossip, local plagiarism, our recent trips to Madrid etc. In fact we were talking so long that our stomachs had caught up with our brains and we struggled to eat everything. If you're thinking that with all the latest 'scandal' that Haz gets all the local bloggers on his side with free food, not a bit of it, he manages to achieve great publicity by just running a fantastic restaurant with terrific food. (Although he did send us out some Chilli Okra fries to sample).
It's always essential to have the usual Lamb Chops (£6) which I thought just edged last weeks. (Mrs B thought they were about the same, both excellent, these had more of a charcoal, charred element which I preferred).
The Nihari (£9.50) and the Butter chicken (£9) are our staples here and I couldn't bring myself to order anything different. Also the Aubergine Mash might well be my favourite thing ever. The food for me is on about the same general level as Ziya we thought.
Peter's Nan.
Aubergine Mash.
One of the things I prefer about Ziya is that it's light and minimal. I'm not convinced by the newish 'railway carriage' addition to the front of Mughli. I like to watch people walk by in Rusholme, and it steals natural light.
The service was on point as ever. We left, ashamed that we'd had to take a doggy bag with us.
The price for two at Mughli was £58.60, at Ziya it was £70 for a similar amount of food and beer. (This was perhaps closer than I'd imagined). For me as a punter I'm a winner, as now there are two great restaurants to choose from in Rusholme but for us Mughli still remains our number one choice.
Before the railway carriage.
*Paid in full apart from the sampled Chilli Okra Fries.

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