Monday, 2 June 2014

Almost Famous, Northern Quarter.

On Sunday we were asked to go down to a surprise event; 'Luck, Lust, Liquor & Secrets', but we had no idea what it actually entailed. Like many others there, we guessed correctly that it was the re-opening of the original Almost Famous after last year's fire. We turned up at 11am sharp as instructed and waited to be called upstairs. It was great putting some faces to names and we all love a buffet don't we? A bit later we were told that there would actually be free proper food off the menu for everyone who turned up yesterday. I thought, this is great, they've finally re-opened and invited everybody to come down, how can anybody possibly twist this feel good story?
The interior is cleaner and lighter.
Naturally there will always be tiresome cynics. There's bound to be some queueing for free food, they can't let everybody in at once. (Funnily enough, we tried to get into the Great Northern Warehouse branch on Thursday, but left as we didn't want to queue, if you wait, that's a choice). I choose to ignore all the moaning bullshit and concentrate on one thing though, the taste of these bloody burgers. You see, I'm way too old to be a hipster, I'm too fat to get into skinny jeans and even though I can squeeze a beard out in a day, I choose not to. For me, it's all comes down to one thing; that taste.
As it was free yesterday (not just for me) I'll try not to properly review it as such. But I've said before on this website that I think these are the best burgers in town. This is because they keep it simple, the toppings never over power the flavour of the actual meat. There were quite a few new ones to choose from. We picked two and they didn't disappoint either. (There was another new burger with an Oreo ice cream sandwich on it, neither of us were convinced by this one for these reasons). We nearly went for the new brie one, but in the end we settled on the California Screamin', spiced cheese - herb butter brioche - crispy smoked bacon - grilled onions avocado - lettuce - tomato - chillies - lemon erb mayo - chorizo aioli - Cholula (£9).
Bacon, Bacon fries.
Then the Crack Baby, cheese - chillies - chorizo - Caesar shoestring fries - garlic butter salt & vinegar Walkers - chorizo aioli - bleu cheese dressing - Cholula (£9).
I wish I could show you a picture of Mrs Bacon's face as she was eating these but even if I wanted to, she certainly wouldn't let me. She was in food heaven though and she's well fussy about her burgers. You could say that we were both like pigs in shit. The diet starts on Monday, yet again.
The inevitable queue.

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