Thursday 15 May 2014

Oliver at Bollington Green, Cheshire.

Oliver, in the cute little Cheshire village of Bollington Green has been on the 'to eat' list for quite some time. So as we were taking a quick shopping trip to nearby Handforth Dean, it seemed a good place to stop over for lunch. Plus it was our fifteen year anniversary (you wouldn't get that for murder etc) on Saturday and as we are supposed to be on a budget right now, the prices looked really attractive too.
We were greeted very warmly by restaurant manager Jaydean. As I've said before on this blog, some people just have natural easy going charm and she has it in abundance, (northerners just tend to, that's a fact). We felt very well looked after from the moment we arrived. The head chef is Jaydean's partner Scott Oliver, still only in his twenties. One to watch for the future I think.
Some lovely bread arrived with caramelised onion in it. A great start.
Then onto our starters proper. Ham and Smoked Cheddar Pressing. Tomato Loaf Toasts, Cornichons, Pea Alioli, Crisps. 
Oak Smoked Haddock & Y Fenni Cheese Rarebit. Chorizo & Potato Salad.
Both these starters we thought were excellent, and showed a light delicate touch, I especially savoured the haddock dish.
The mains were a Spiced and Pan Fried Pork Tenderloin. Slow cooked Pigs cheek, smoked Bacon Beans, greens, smoked veal jus. This was fine but it needed lifting with a bit of crackling perhaps. We would both have preferred pork belly which has more juicy flavour.
The meat by the way is all the way from our local butchers Frosts. (It's not that far really, it only takes about 40 minutes). Of the mains we both preferred the Pan Fried Fillet of Welsh Sea Bass. Lemon Herb shrimp and Pea Quinoa, Gremolata. A lovely piece of fish perfectly cooked. We were talking at this point about how some people take the crispy skin off fish like this, that's the best bit, idiots! 
Fat truffle chips.

Both the puds were lovely too. Their signature Oliver Sticky Toffee Pudding, Amaretto Ice Cream, Butterscotch went down very well indeed. 
As did the Banana Brioche and Peanut butter pudding, Pure Vanilla Bean ice cream.
All this came in at an astonishingly good £15.95 each for three courses (2 for £12.95). I think they've got their prices spot on. Sorry to bring it back to where I live again, but there's absolutely nowhere quite like this in Chorlton, a lovely bistro at great prices doing good food that's definitely a step above the usual stuff. 
We will be back, at these prices, it'd be daft not to. 

To see the photos in hi res click here.

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