Thursday 24 April 2014

Top 10 Manchester Dishes.

These are my favourite plates of food that I've eaten in Manchester over the last few months.
1. Ox in coal oil, pumpkin seed, kohlrabi and sunflower shoots. The French.
If I didn't have a rule of 'one restaurant one dish', most likely the whole Top 10 would be from here. This dish is a signature Simon Rogan classic, and you can eat a variation at two Michelin star L'Enclume. Enough said.
2. Black cod roasted in Hoba Leaf. Australasia.
As it's a Living Ventures operation, serious 'foodies' maybe wary, but they have a new chef and I defy any one to eat this and not say it is totally superb. It isn't cheap though.
3.  Malabar pilaff, lamb rumps, garlic, lemon and chilli. Mr Cooper's House & Garden. It was hard to choose a dish from here, it's all so good, so I chose this beauty from their new(ish) menu.
4. Pot-roasted lobster with a coconut and lime broth. Grand Pacific. (This is a bit of a cheat really as it's the Australasia kitchen). At an eye watering £47.50 this had better be amazing. It is.
5. Braised Snails, potato and parsley. Manchester House.
This was the dish that really stood out most for me on our second visit. Perhaps I should return as more recent reviews seem to be very favourable.
6. Dripping Pig Ribs. Rare breed bacon ribs, black treacle & chilli glaze.   
Beef & Pudding. I picked this rather than their signature beef pudding. These ribs were gorgeous, especially on our first visit.
7. Lamb Nihari. Mughli.
So silky and creamy in it's meaty richness.
8. Butter Blood & Bleu Burger; Buttered brioche, Double cheeseburger, Rare Flat iron steak, Chorizo, Peppercorn, Creamy bleu cheese sauce. 
Almost Famous. This picture says it all.
9. Classic Trifle. The River Bar & Grill at The Lowry Hotel.
I decided to include two desserts in my list and this is the first. Totally spot on from new pastry chef, Brett Pistorius.
10. Crème Caramel. Côte Brasserie.
Perhaps a surprise that Côte Brasserie makes my top 10, but this simple crème caramel was completely perfect in every way.

 Worst dish. It has to be the appallingly rank burger at The Horse and Jockey.


  1. What is coal oil and what does it taste of?
    I must say it sounds most unappealing to me.

  2. They pour oil over hot coals allowing it to infuse with the coal giving it a smoked barbecue flavour.