Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Aldi Wine.

I finally made it down to Aldi to pick up some of the new limited edition wines they currently have in stock. These represent remarkable value as usual, and never come as part of a 'fake' offer like Tesco tend to.
Exquisite Collection Alsace Pinot Blanc. (£6.79).
Tasting of green apples and cool lemon peel, fresh and clean. I really enjoyed it. 8/10.
Exquisite Collection Anjou Rouge. (£5.99).
This cabernet franc from the Loire Valley was lovely, light, savoury and perfumed. 7/10.
Exquisite Collection Albariño Rias Baixas. (£5.99).
Clean and fresh and very slightly acidic, I bought three bottles and am going back for more whilst stocks last. 8/10.
Exquisite Collection Fleurie. (£6.49).
Ripe and savoury with red brambly fruits and soft tannins. 7/10.
Exquisite Collection Muscadet. Sevre et Maine Sur Lie (£5.99).
I loved this, it's fresh, light and lemony clean with a slight mineral flavour. 8/10.
The Exquisite Collection New Zealand Pinot Noir. (£6.99).
I have to say this is not my favourite style of wine, (I'll still drink it nevertheless,) but it's a steal at this price. Thin, pale and raspberry. 6/10. 
The Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling.
Just from my twitter feed, I know this wine has lots of fans. It tastes of fresh green apples, slightly too grapefruit on the palate for me. 6/10.
Exquisite Collection Côtes Du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu. (£6.49).
Ripe, soft and dark cherry. Loved it. 8/10.
Ventura Old Vines Garnacha. (Down to £4.79).
This is one of the best sub £5 wines in the country right now. Very drinkable especially at this price. 7/10.
I'll be updating this post as I try new ones.
Just remember, I'm no expert, I just like to drink wine.

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