Tuesday 25 March 2014

Weird Beard Brew Co.

I've not done a beer post for a while as I've been trying to economise, but I thought it was about time I tried some new beers. There's always new craft ales to try it seems, especially from the UK, where new breweries appear to be cropping up all the time. On this occasion it was from Weird Beard Brew Co and they all cost me around about £3.49 each. Little Things That Kill is a very pleasant session beer that belies it's 3.5% alcohol, it's soft and light but slightly hoppy and tropical. I could very easily drink a few pints of this preferably sat in the sun in a beer garden. 7.5/10
K*ntish Town Beard. There's a very interesting reason behind the naming of this you can read here. This is a tangy, hoppy, pine resin, almost gingerish ale and it made for some pretty good drinking. 7/10.
Hit The Lights (IPA). This India Pale Ale was not as hoppy as I'd imagined but well balanced and not bad at all. 7/10.
Black Perle. A coffee milk stout. I wasn't as impressed with this one, it was completely flat but quite smoky. 6/10.
Dark Hopfler. I love all the packaging on this beer (which of course makes a difference) and the little Mark Knopfler face logo is ace. Again, another low alcohol one (2.5%) but they've managed to squeeze lots of flavour in there. Surprisingly hoppy, tangy and dry, I liked it a lot. 7.5/10.
Decadence Stout. Gorgeous and silky smooth although perhaps a little thin. 7/10.

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