Tuesday 11 March 2014

Top 10 Manchester Wish List.

In the history of Manchester, the best time for restaurants is right now. Think about that for a minute, it's great isn't it? We're living in the best time, with more choice than ever and not harking back to a golden age in the past as we do with so many other things. We always want more though. There are still large gaps in the market, things we are really missing. But for some reason, places opening up here at the moment are just doing the same old American food (burgers, ribs etc) even though the market is already saturated and pretty much sewn up. I know of at least two burger chains coming here shortly, it never ends. So here's my personal wish list in an ideal world.
1. Pizzeria.
It's really weird that we don't have great pizzas in the city centre, like those that street food operators Honest Crust do. I'm thinking of somewhere like Pizza Pilgrims in London. Solution: I was under the impression that the new bar from Kosmonaut; Ply would be a pizzeria, but they don't even mention pizzas in the press release.
We want pizzas like this from Honest Crust.

2. A 'Gastro' pub.
We have loads of fairly ok pubs doing pretty good standard food like the Chophouses, but I'm talking about a slightly more 'foodie' type pub that's the next level above this. Solution: Beef and Pudding opens on the 4th April and the menu looks fantastic.
3. Tapas.
Tapas is another one. Everybody loves tapas don't they? Well why we don't we have quality tapas bars to rival Liverpool (Lunya, Salt House) is a bit of a mystery up to now. I'd love a Basque Pintxos bar as well but I think that may be asking for too much.
Solution: London restaurant Ibérica is opening two restaurants in The Corn Exchange and Spinningfields in 2015.
A lovely little local Bistro like this doesn't exist in Manchester.

4. Sticky Walnut.
There are no chef/owner quality bistros in Manchester like Chester's Sticky Walnut. Possibly the rents are too high, but I could see it working in the suburbs.
Solution: None on the horizon that I know of.
5. Another high end restaurant.
I'm hoping that since the success of The French and Manchester House, an existing Michelin Star restaurant proprietor opens up here in that style.
Solution: The are always rumours that Nigel Haworth (who owns local Michelin star restaurant Northcote) is looking for locations. 
More like this please.
 6. A Belgian Oyster Bar.
This one's a bit of a personal one, as I'm not sure there's a market for it here, but imagine an oyster bar where you could get hundreds of Belgian beers? A dream come true for me. Solution: I doubt it, in my lifetime. 
7. Indian Tapas. 
Everybody loves a curry and we all love to eat tapas, combine them together and you're onto a winner. Or how about a 'posh' higher end Indian restaurant like London's Amaya? Solution: Indian Tiffin Room and Mughli are looking at city centre locations, although they maybe more like their original restaurants or maybe not, watch this space.
Food from Indian Tiffin Room.

 8. Proper Mexican. 
We have some hybrid American/Mexican restaurants, but I'm talking about somewhere that's slightly closer to the food you actually find in Mexico.
Solution: The small London chain *Wahaca plan to open in Manchester.
Wahaca in London.

9. Another Italian.
I know we have loads of Italian's here, but they're all pretty much of a muchness, and are in the same place in the mid-market. I'd like an old school family run little local Italian, with red and white chequered tablecloths and they just cook for you what they have on that day like we had in Rome (extremely unlikely) or a higher end Italian like London's Locanda Locatelli. Solution: None on the horizon that I know of.    
10. Posh Chinese.
I've never been to a fine dining Chinese restaurant like HKK in London, but if we had one here I would and I think it'd be really good for our city.
Solution: None on the horizon that I know of.

I'm sure there are loads of others, let me know your wish list

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  1. Have you been to Matt & Phreds for pizza with a side of jazz. Not been for a while but we've always enjoyed it in the past and I'm picky about pizza.