Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Tibetan Kitchen, Manchester.

I'd had a few people tell me that The Tibetan Kitchen in Whalley range was really good, so we went on Saturday to check it out. Knowing it'd be right up her street, I asked Jackie from the Hungry Gecko if she had any tips on what to order. She said it was all great, but the butter tea was perhaps an acquired taste. She reckoned that I'd probably like the Beef Momos, she was dead right with that one.
It's a take-away really, with general Tibetan themed bric-a-brack (a bit scruffy to be honest) and a few places to sit. You can get 3 dishes from the hot counter for £6.50 which we did, plus some Beef Momos (5 for £4). So our tea was a bargain £10.50 for two. We had some of the traditional sweet tea while we waited, or Mrs B did, it wasn't for me this, as I knew it probably wouldn't be.
The food was good though, simple but spicy home cooking, it all tasted clean and healthy too. We had the Luksha Khatsa (mutton curry, lovely tender tasty meat), the Shasha (chicken) and the Ngo Khatsa (chickpea).
Beef Momos.
My favourite as anticipated were the Beef Momos, like little savoury dumplings with meat in the middle, I was trying to work out how many of these I could eat in one sitting. I'd guess at about 20. That's for another time though.

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