Tuesday 4 March 2014

Los Guayres, Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria.

Sometimes you can't go back can you? We returned to Los Guayres after enjoying a meal there on our last visit to Gran Canaria. It's part of the large hotel Cordial, set back in the valley of Puerto de Mogan.
The seafront at Puerto Mogan, a pretty little resort.
Two years on, this visit was a little disappointing, but maybe it was us, perhaps we've been overly spoilt with visits to some world class restaurants in between. In comparison, Los Guayres was just so so for us on this occasion.
We opted for a surprise taster menu again. It's even a surprise when you're eating it as the waiter never actually told us what the dishes were, even in Spanish.
The other thing about restaurants like this is often they have too many airs and graces in an effort to be 'posh'. The higher up you go, in a way, the more relaxing it is, as the customer is king. This was one of those places where they leave the bottle of wine just out of reach so you can't pour it yourself, but are slow on topping you up. They were woefully understaffed, so service was super slow all night and I hate to wait.
A drunken Welsh guy on the next table asked me about my camera. I know nothing about cameras, but he was very happy to tell me all about mine. He was one of those people who love nothing more than showing off their expertise and vast knowledge. He then proceeded to 'jokingly' give the waitress his room number in front of his wife. A real 'character' you might say.
Crisp goat cheese with tomato marmalade, leek and truffles vinaigrette.
There were some nice little touches, good bread, little shots of gazpacho and refreshing sorbets. For the main part, the food was pretty good; some juicy scallops, a pleasant local cherne fish and the like, but nothing to really get us overly excited. The pork dish was sadly very disappointing.
Sauteed centre fillet of golden Grouper with mushroom sauce and leek.
It feels like the chef Alexis Alvarez is treading water and needs some fresh inspiration. He's worked with Juan Mari Arzak, Ferran Adrià and Martin Berasategui. I'd suggest a trip over to the Basque country to re-energise. We all need that now and then don't we?

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