Thursday 13 February 2014

Red's True BBQ, Manchester.

I get to visit new restaurants with having this blog and most have a new smell to them, everything is all clean and unused. Red's True BBQ, probably because of all the smoking of meats going on, felt like it had been there for years already. The interior has been beautifully done with neon signs and exposed brickwork and loads of little nooks and crannies and separate rooms. It doesn't feel like you're in Manchester. I loved it. Nice position at the edge of Albert Square too.
There's been a few blog posts about it already so I'll keep the text down to the minimum, but we enjoyed it all and the service from our waitress Bex was brilliant, she's a real character.
We started with Hush Puppies (Spicy sweetcorn and jalapeño fritters served with Red’s warm chilli con queso dip, £3.95) and Jalapeño Poppers (Crispy coated smoked peppers filled with Jack and cream cheese, £3.95). Both tasty little morsels, perfect with my beer All Day IPA, a favourite of mine.
Then we went straight into the mains; Bucket o' Bones (A selection of rib tips, baby back, St Louis and beef long £22.95). You get 2x Humble sides, or 1x Divine side with that. 
We opted for the BBQ Pit Beans (Sweet, smoky beans finished in the smoker for 12 hours. Laced with burnt ends, pulled pork, onions and spices, £2.95) These were great. Also the Grits (A twist on a True Southern classic with smoked garlic, fresh thyme and finished with butter and smoked paprika £1.95). We were both glad we tried them but wouldn't order them again. The bucket o' bones was almost over facing, even for us and the meat wasn't quite falling off the bone as I expected. I started on the Single Classic Bacon Burger (Housemade steak burgers, with melted cheese, house-smoked streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion, dill pickles, American mustard and dirty sauce on a glazed brioche bun. Served with fries, £8.95).
The fries were spot on and it was a pretty decent burger. I made another go on the ribs, but we had to leave some which we both took as a personal failure on our part and they were a bit dry. I finished with some ice cream and Mrs Bacon went for a fabulous Milk Shake; Mississippi Mud Brownie Malt (£4.50).
I feel a bit all 'meated' out now with having eaten a bucket full of Ribs, but we would be very happy to return to Red's True BBQ and pay for ourselves and perhaps try some of the other things off the menu. It's a fun place and a great brand plus it feels like 'authentic' American food to me although I'm no expert. I think they'll do very well in Manchester. My advice if you do go, wear your 'eating trousers' this is very big food, you may need to let them out a bit afterwards as I have.

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  1. Utterly stunning photos, I want to dive in and eat the screen. Can't believe the transformation, I remember going in when this place was Dome (the shame!)

  2. You don't look to get a lot with the rib orders? I REALLY enjoyed the ribs started I had when I went. I didn't enjoy the burger as much. Just wasn't anything amazing compared to places like Solita. Wish I'd ordered a rib main course, but I didn't think the portions looked that big?