Friday 7 February 2014

Luck Lust Liquor and Burn.

I can't believe that it's a year ago that LLLB opened and it still remains my most viewed blog post ever with several thousand hits. Possibly this was because I was the first to go and review it. Funnily enough, on the same day, we went to Damson Media City and whilst we enjoyed it, we've not returned since, whereas we've been to Luck Lust Liquor and Burn quite a few times. Because at places like this, you can get a good feed for around a tenner so you return more often.
Our favourite booth.
People often overlook one thing about the Almost Famous crew; the prices are bob on. They've not fallen into the trap of overpricing themselves as they get popular; it's all about the numbers of people. By 5.30pm on Thursday evening the restaurant was half full already. It says it all really.
This time we were invited* to try the limited edition Hot Dogs; available this weekend only I think. I'm not sure why they've not done them before, but anyway they were as good as you'd imagine. Mrs B noted that these were better than other recent ones as the texture of the sausage was superior. Well spotted; I was too busy scoffing.
Our favourite was the Macaroni Steeze: Macaroni Cheese, onion, coriander, bacon rain, beef dog (£8). The other two were good too; Hott-Dog: Cheese, bacon, (nice and crispy as we like it) jalapeno, redneck sauce and crunchy jalapeno pretzels on a beef 'dawg' (£8).
Also, the Famous Dog. Deep fried DAG, salad leaves, fried crispy onions, gherkin, tomato, mustard ketchup. (£8).
This was mucky, messy food. It felt so wrong, but oh so right. Oh and the staff were absolutely lovely too. Job done once more.
*This meal was on the house. But I always tell the truth. See here.

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