Wednesday 5 February 2014

24 Hours in Manchester.

I was contacted by someone from Sweden; could we meet up so they could interview me for their on-line magazine about the Manchester food 'scene' as they were visiting the city? It never happened in the end, but it got me thinking. If I came to Manchester as a tourist what would I do and where to go? Obviously most of my interests are food/drink related, but this is what I'd do for a weekend.
10am Start the day with Breakfast/Brunch at Solita in the Northern Quarter.
Stroll around the Northern Quarter looking at Art Galleries, independent shops, Afflecks Palace etc and marvel at the bushyness of the beards.
11am Coffee and fabulous cake at Home Sweet Home.
Midday. Shopping if you must and a visit to the City Art Gallery to get a bit of culture.
2pm. More food. Burgers in Almost Famous for lunch.
3pm Followed by some beers in Brewdog opposite.
You might need a lie down after that lot so head on back to the hotel now if you like for a siesta. Or if you're a party animal carry on!
5pm. Start a pub crawl in the Northern Quarter beginning with the excellent Port Street Beer House,
The Castle Hotel,
Fringe Bar and The Marble Arch on Rochdale road (the most beautiful old fashioned pub in Manchester). Drink several pints of Marble Beer.

8pm Taxi to Mr Coopers House and Garden or The French  if you're feeling flush (both at The Midland Hotel) for dinner (reservations a must at the weekend). Followed by cocktails in Mr Cooper's bar.
11pm More cocktails with a view at Cloud 23 and then the top floor of Manchester House.
2/3am.  Bed.
Next day if you're still around go for a curry to soak up all the alcohol at Mughli in Rusholme, the best Indian in Manchester.
So did I miss anywhere vital out?


  1. You`ve hit that nail smack bang ont heed.....Top marks.

  2. sounds spot on to me! Just need to find a babysitter and I'm there...

  3. Almost perfect!! I would choose Dusk ’til Pawn rather than Cloud 23 for great cocktails. Can’t match the view obviously but a far better atmosphere IMHO.

    1. Totally agree with you, loved Dusk til Pawn, but it'd mean going back over town to the NQ. Not actually been to Cloud 23 for a year or 2 (and I hate the queue) but as a tourist the views are unbeatable.