Tuesday 14 January 2014

Top 10 January Deals.

Loads of places are doing offers right now. Everybody knows January is a quiet month after we've all spent way too much over Christmas and are on diets. Here are my Top 10 deals. I couldn't be arsed finding out all the exact terms and conditions so just check the small print before you go. Click on the links for full reviews.
1. Volta, (Didsbury). It's well worth taking them up on this offer as the steaks are already a steal at normal price. Offer: 50% off food on Tues - Thurs between 5pm & 7pm for Jan only. My favourite dish; Dexter Rib steak. (Surcharge)
2. All Star Lanes.
My pick of the best bowling alley in town. The food is great too.
Offer: 50% off bowling and food. My favourite dish; The Mac & Cheese with Truffle Oil.
 3. Artisan.
We really enjoyed Artisan, it's a fantastic space and the food's pretty good if you choose wisely. Offer: 50% off various Living Ventures restaurants. My favourite dish; Salt & Pepper Pork Crackling.
4. Umezushi.
If you drink as much as me this will save you £££££'s. Offer; Half price drinks, 5.30pm-7.30pm, Tuesday to Friday. My favourite dish; The sushi obviously.
 5. Dogs n Dough.
It's already pretty cheap but this lunch time deal is hard to turn down.
My favourite dish; New Yorker dog (pastrami, swiss, jalapenos, horseradish, mayo).
Offer: £4 for a hot dog or pizza at lunchtime.
6. Gusto. (Didsbury, Cheadle). Offer: 50% off various Living Ventures restaurants. My favourite dish; Parmesan Risotto. 
7. Rosylee Tea Rooms. A lovely place for lunch. Offer: Express lunch menu for £6.95 from 12 until 2pm. Early Evening Offer 5-7pm. 2 courses for £14.95. 3 courses for £17.95. My favourite dish; Minted Lamb Ballantine.
 8. Lucha Libre.
Worth giving this new place a go especially for half price.
Offer: Spend £5 with a local business and you'll get 50% off food with the receipt.
My favourite dish; Prawn & Mango Tacos.
9. Smoak.
I'd probably choose an expensive steak with this deal. Offer: 50% off. My favourite dish; Steak Tartare.
10. Yuzu.
Not strictly a January offer, their lunch deal is hard to beat though for food of this quality.
Offer: Lunch dishes between £6.95 - £8.45. My favourite dish; The Sashimi.

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