Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Best Bread Top 10.

The top 10 lists continue with something that I'm seriously addicted to: bread. To some, bread may seem like an unimportant detail, an afterthought to the main thing at hand. These people are wrong and here's why; when a kitchen sends out great bread, they're telling you something. They're telling you that they give a shit and that they want you to have the very best. The devil is always in the detail. When we went to Sticky Walnut the other day, and they sent out the chef's own lovely focaccia, I just knew we were in for a special treat. It's always a really good sign. I cannot think of a meal in a Michelin star restaurant when the bread hasn't been excellent. Sometimes (such as at Dabbous recently), it's even the highlight. I'd even prefer it over dessert.
But then I've always loved bread. Consequently, I have to limit myself when at home. If I've bought a baguette there is no way that it's not all going to get eaten in one go. If there was one thing I had to eat on a desert island, it'd be good bread and butter. We've very lucky here on Beech road in M21, there's the bakers Richardson's for an old school granary tin, proper French bread from Ludo Deli (baked on the premises) and Barbakan bread from Etchell's including one on my list the deadly crack cocaine of bakery; the cheese and bacon loaf. So anyhow, here's my top 10 from last year. (In no order).
Casamar, Llafranc, Spain. The picture says it all, look at all that lovely bread! Naturally I had one of each.
Mughli Manchester. I noticed the nan bread at Mughli is thinner than other places and better for it. Peter's Bread; garlic oil, chilli flakes & fresh coriander is of course the one to go for.
That's actually a plain nan but I've not got a photo of the Peter's bread.

Sticky Walnut, Chester. Beautiful home made Rosemary and thyme focaccia bread. 

L'Enclume, Cartmel. It's not served warm, it's served piping hot! Gorgeous! I had to stop after about 5 pieces.

The Lord Clyde, Cheshire. Chef Ernie is proud of his bread. Quite right, it's just amazing and with the smoked butter too, it has to be devoured.
Dabbous London. One of the best breads I've ever tasted. So good.

Akelaré, San Sebastian. I don't have photos of the bread here as I ate it too fast. Even the waiter started laughing after the seventh or eighth portion. (We had done a big walk to get there though).

Barbakan, Chorlton Manchester. Take it away from me! It's evil I tells you! Bacon and cheese melted on a quality bread. Genius!
Olive and Thyme, Chorlton. This traditional Turkish lavas bread is well tasty.

Parkers Arms, Newton-In-Bowland. Like everything else chef Stosie does, the bread is done properly with love.
See chef Ollie Dabbous making his bread here.

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