Wednesday, 22 January 2014

El Risco, Famara, Lanzarote.

Famara really does feel very remote, like it's at the ends of the earth. It's in the north of the island of Lanzarote, a place that if you've never been to, you might have preconceived ideas about. I know I did, but I was wrong. It's an incredibly cool island, a fabulous place to visit. The year round sun helps too. Also the works of artist and architect César Manrique that are dotted all over the place. He insisted that none of the island went high rise. Yes the landscape is moon-like and volcanic, but there's so much to see and this just adds to it's unreal quirky nature.
On the way to Famara, you can visit one of our favourites of his creations; the Mirador del rio, like a modernist James Bond hideout built into the cliff with stunning panoramic views.
We had a tip off from another restaurateur that restaurant El Risco alone was worth the drive up to Famara. We first saw this windswept little village on Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar's film Broken Embraces. El Risco is at the end of the village and you can see the rocks and the windsurfers on the beach from it's little terrace. 
We got there early to get the best table. The interior is plain and simple as many family restaurants are in Spain. They catch their own fish in the local waters. We went for an old favourite; Arroz Negro (Black Rice). It actually mirrors the local volcanic landscape this dish. I always find rice dishes like this Paella and Fideuà very comforting. (Fideuà is actually very small thin pasta so it's similar).
It was excellent and as black as tar. (The squid ink gives it the intense colour). We dozed in the sand dunes afterwards watching the windsurfers flying on the sea. 

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