Tuesday 10 December 2013

Lord of the Pies, Stockport.

If you compile a list of your favourite pies, a pie chart if you will, there will naturally always be places that you miss out. A few people recommended Lord of the Pies to me after my Top 5 Pies post the other week. To be honest I don't venture out of Chorlton and Manchester city centre very much if I'm staying local, but a Stockport pub crawl should be on the cards quite soon. (So many people have recommended the Magnet to me - at £2 odd a pint it seems very attractive at this point).
Lord of the Pies is like a little old fashioned café (in the best way) on a Stockport side street and it was well busy when I went for my lunch on Friday. After dithering about if I should have peas and mash I decided to be 'good' as we were having our tea (not 'supper' Southerners) at Solita that night. I think my indecisiveness irritated her a bit; 'so you don't want mash now then,' the girl behind the counter said, scrubbing out my original order. "I'll just take the pie with a bottle of Robinsons Old Tom." I said. These are important decisions that cannot be rushed but the Old Tom Ale is a perfect accompaniment.
I settled for a Beef and Blacksticks Blue Pie. (£3.50). It was a decent pie, with a sturdy crust, I'd have liked a bit more blue cheese coming through, but these guys know how to make a pie. Luckily I know how to eat them, but then I have had lots of practice.

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