Tuesday 26 November 2013

My Five Favourite Pies.

The Americans don't have savoury pies. I think it's to do with the idea of hiding what they imagine could be poor quality meat inside. They're missing what for me is one of my favourite go-to comfort foods. As I'm from the Potteries I grew up on Wrights Pies, and Pukka from the chippie. (I still have a weakness for these.) Thursday was and still is my favourite night, as at that time we had swimming club, it was Top of the Pops and my mum used to make steak and kidney pie for tea. Life didn't get much better than that in those days, and pies don't get much better than these here:
Here's my Top 5 to eat in or take-out in and around the Manchester area. (Click on the titles for full posts).
1. Great North Pie Company.
These really are artisan pies and the best I've eaten. It's the attention to detail with the superb pastry along with the slightly different fillings which make them my number one 'foodie' choice. The seasonal flavours are coming out soon, can't wait to try them.
Favourite Pie: Cheese and Onion.
Available from Chorlton Green Brasserie, and Out of the Blue in Chorlton, Altrincham Market and many more. See Greatnorthpie.co for details.
 2. All About Pies.
I get my fix of these from The Beech, (still only £5 with a pint), Epicerie Ludo and the monthly markets on Chorlton Green. I especially love the pastry, and the fillings are excellent too.
Favourite Pie: Homity.
3. Andrew Jones Pork Pies. The best pork pies I've eaten. I can't resist the cheese encrusted one. It's amazingly good, I have one nearly every week, yet another addiction. From Robinsons Butchers, Chorlton.
Favourite Pie: Pork and cheese.
 4. Pieminister. 
They may be 'mass produced' but the filling combinations are unbeatable. From Pi in Chorlton and Pieminister in the Northern Quarter.
Favourite Pie: Moo Pie.
5. Pie and Ale.
Proper home made on the premises in the Northern Quarter.
Favourite Pie: Steak and Stilton.
Soundtrack: The Flamingos - I Only Have (P)Eyes for You.


  1. Pieminister pies can also be purchased from the excellent Chorlton butcher 'Frosts'

  2. Lord of the Pies in Stockport is worth a mention

    1. Thanks, a few people have mentioned this on twitter. I shall investigate soon....