Saturday 23 November 2013

Lucha Libre, Manchester.

I went to the much anticipated Lucha Libre for lunch yesterday. I'm not going to pass any major judgements on the place as they've only just opened, so teething problems are to be expected. This doesn't apply if somewhere is charging a fortune for food but Lucha Libre is relatively inexpensive and they seemed to be doing a roaring trade already from nearby offices.You can order online to take away too.

I had home made Guacamole and Chilli jam with tortilla chips. I really liked the chilli jam especially.

A variation of The Street Food Tray: Pil Bil (Pulled Pork) Tacos, Al Pastor Tacos (Pork Belly), Chicken and Chorizo tacos, Prawn and Mango tacos. (These were my favourite ones). You get three of the same in each portion. I ordered the fish one but that didn't arrive. Neither did my quesadillas, there was a mix up with the order, so I quickly ordered a simple plain quesadilla to finish. I wish I'd chosen another, as I wasn't keen on this, it was a bit bland. For me, all the food needed to be hotter and spicier, but as I said, it's early days for Lucha Libre. I guess they'll tweak it according to customer tastes. But already it seems to be another potential success story and an interesting new addition to Manchester.
Pork Belly

Prawn and Mango tacos.

Pulled Pork Taco.


Soundtrack: ‪Rotary Connection‬ - ‪Respect‬ (Don't forget the hot sauce).

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  1. Went on Monday for lunch and thought everything was incredibly mediocre. I know lots of people say the Liverpool one is great, but we had a very average experience when we visited. I'm not filled with hope for Lucha, sadly.
    Anna x

    1. I have to be honest and say I was disappointed in the food and the service but I wanted to try and be as fair as possible in the post as they've just opened.

  2. i've always found the liverpool one to be mediocre as well, not enough ooomph!!!