Monday 25 November 2013

Honest Crust, Manchester.

It seems that the simplest things are often the trickiest to get right, and in my quest to find fantastic pizza in Manchester, I've sadly found this to be all too true. It's hard to believe that in the city centre, only Kosmonaught really came up to scratch to be anywhere near decent pizza. They've been helped by Honest Crust who everyone says are the best street food pizza operators. So always last to the party, I finally caught up with them at one of their regular pitches at Altrincham Market yesterday.
Sadly they didn't have any N'Duja on this occasion, (my number one pizza topping of choice), so I went for the Smoked Pancetta and Mushroom but with extra goats cheese added. (£6).
I can confirm what most of you probably know already, it was a mighty fine pizza. In fact it was bloody great. The perfect combination of the reet proper base, well tasty toppings and gooey melted cheese absolutely perfectly cooked. Everything was just right which is clearly not actually as easy to achieve as you may imagine. If it were, surely everyone would be doing it. I will be back for more.
 Soundtrack: Back to my roots - Richie Havens.

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