Wednesday 20 November 2013

Casa Francisco el de Siempre, Playa del Palmar, Spain.

Remember summer? We've barely scraped into winter, and it seems to be but a distant memory. Only a few months ago we spent the day on one of the Costa del la Luz's finest sandy beaches, and I spotted a restaurant that rang a bell in my head. I'd noticed it in the Michelin Guide when looking out for local places so was excited to try it, especially as it was a few seconds walk from our spot on the beach. El Palmar is a bit hippy-ish, windswept and out of the way of the general tourist routes so it was surprising to see it appear in the Michelin Guide. However this is not always a good thing.

Not a bad view from the restaurant.
We had:
A complimentary beetroot dish.

Carpaccio Lomo.

Croquetas de Gambas.

Ensalade Atun.
 Tartar de Atun.
It was all decent enough, but the food was not necessarily special enough to warrant a price tag of €70, and this I presume was most likely because they feature in the Michelin Guide. The restaurant looked exactly like many other traditional places that you find all over Spain too, these are usually noted for their very reasonable prices.
Strange that the nearby El Campero which is cheaper but twice as good doesn't feature in the guide. It just goes to show you, you can't always trust Michelin. So whilst we enjoyed our  lunch in the fine setting over looking the beach, it wasn't the best meal of our holidays. Still, I'd go back there in heartbeat if I could.

Soundtrack: Summer Sun - Koop.

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