Wednesday 27 November 2013

Arepa!Arepa!Arepa! Levenshulme Market.

We finally made it down to the monthly Levenshulme Market on Saturday to get our first taste of Arepas from the good guys at the Goodgobble blog. (I just like saying that). Their stall Arepa!Arepa!Arepa! seemed to be the busiest in the whole of this cute little market. I ordered a Butifarra: Peruvian Pork with yellow chilli mayo and sweet potato. (£4). I loved it straight away. At once familiar but somehow unfamiliar at the same time, the actual Arepa is a dough like maize flat bread that would be a perfect hangover cure, I wolfed it down and poor Sammie didn't even get any.
 I had to order another for Mrs Bacon, and while we were waiting we shared an Ajiaco chicken soup which has Guascas in it. You can taste this specially imported herb, it adds that little difference which all this food has. We both really enjoyed this warming broth.

They also gave us a taste of some gorgeous cheese balls called Bunuelos.
What I think is clever is that they've been inspired by travelling to Colombia and done something that nobody else has over here (in Manchester anyway). This food tasted home made in the best possible way, unique but hearty, and just bloody tasty, it was the first but it won't be our last taste of Arepas.

Check out their blog here:

Soundtrack: ‪Mi Gent‬e - Hector Lavoe.

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