Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Zam Zam, Chorlton.

It just looks so unlikely, Zam Zam is opposite Electrik bar in Chorlton sandwiched between Subway and Dixy Chicken, it doesn't really look much better than either to be honest. I'd seen people praising it on a local website, but it wasn't until someone mentioned the chops being as 'good as Tayyabs in Whitechapel' that I thought I'm going to have to give it a go. Tayyabs is famously one of the best rated traditional Punjabi restaurants in London, high praise indeed.
Entering Zam Zam, it looks like any other scruffy takeaway, serving kebabs as well as pizza is never normally a good sign. The fella behind the counter couldn't understand me either, I was trying to ask him for his advice as the Nihari wasn't on - what would be a good alternative? Maybe he hadn't been asked for his opinion before and I was confusing him by asking him baffling questions, plus I guessed English wasn't his first language. This is not a restaurant and there is no pretension of customer 'service'. You go in, you order and you f*** off with your food. You don't, like me try and ask for 'advice'.
I settled on Tandoori Lamb chops (5 pieces £5.50 with a nan), Karahi Kofta (£6.30), Karahi Lamb Chops (£6.50) After a quick drink in Electriks (the fabulous Thornbridge Jaipur IPA) plus meeting Blue, the dog and bar mascot we took our precious package home.

The Lamb Chops to start, they were bloody sensational with that burnt charred crispiness but underneath, rich tasty juicy lamb meat, it's brings out a kind of caveman instinct gnawing on a lamb bone like this, I felt a genuine sadness when I'd finished them and carefully picked the last remnants of flavour off the bone.
The Karahi Kofta and Karahi Lamb Chops were equally as tasty, rich intensely flavoursome sauces with both, we were both highly impressed with these authentic traditional curries from the most unlikely of locations. So it looks like another addiction has started....

* Since writing this I found out that the family who run this used to own The Tandoori Kitchen, an excellent Rusholme restaurant that's sadly no longer there.

Soundtrack:  I Just Can't Get You Out of My Mind - Four Tops.


  1. Firstly, i'll put a BIG caveat in here. I haven't been for approx 2 years; things may have improved therefore. I feel educated enough to contribute here though having been to Tayyabs in Whitechapel. However, there is a reason i haven't been for two years....

    I find the meat here of the lowest quality. I'm very suspicious as its often so salty i think they are trying to hide something. In fact the last time i went (see above) it was unpalatably salty. Meat, in a place like this, needs to be of a high standard and in my handful of visits it would score at best 4/10.

    However, the bread/naan is extremely high quality. Made in a proper oven in front of you and this has to be a big plus. Even 'the best kebab shop in England' just around the corner whips its bread out of a packet.

    Tayyabs is simply on another level compared to Zam Zam's which, in my opinion, is another average local takeout. I am very surprised indeed at the comparison,

    ps i do hate being negative, i am sorry.

    1. No probs all constructive feedback is good. I've not been to Tayyabs myself, but I was surprised to see better quality food than I anticipated at Zam Zam, it's all about expectations I think. I've rarely found meat in Indian restaurants and take-aways to be amazing to be honest, including Turkish Delight. I still think that judging it on this visit Zam Zam's is way better than the average Indian take-away, and I've tried a lot.

  2. hiya this is the owner of zam zam thankyou for your article your very much appreciated , i appoligise for the customer service .. wre redecorating atm so i wouldnt have been there my customers told me about your article thankyou very much next time you pop down just ask for taz ill be happy to serve you heres my email if you need it :)

    1. Thanks Taz,will do, not had a curry for a few weeks, so it'll be sooner rather than later ;)