Wednesday 9 October 2013

Top 10 Modern Tapas Bars.

Here are my Top 10 Modern Tapas Bars of recent years. I'm due a trip back to Madrid next year hopefully so should be trying out the new wave of tapas bars in the capital. Had I been able to visit more pintxos bars in the Basque country, it might have been an all Basque Top 10! Our first taste of 'modern' tapas bars was in Seville in 2008.
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1. Tickets, Barcelona. 
There are many in the list that have food as good as Tickets if not better, but it is as a package that Tickets really impressed, like Willy Wonka's tapas bar, the interior is fun, bright and happy, the service was snappy, and you may even spot one of the Ádria brothers on the floor. For gods sake you can eat ElBulli classics in there. Need I go on?
2. BordaBerri, San Sebastian.
I would walk on broken glass to the top of our road just to get a taste of the Morro de Ternera en Salsa Bizkaina again. That is all.

3. A Fuego Negro, San Sebastian.
Fabulous food in a buzzing setting. Star dish; a Tigretón; tomato purée and mussels topped with béchamel foam and pork scratchings.
4. El Campero, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes.
We were so blown away by the proper restaurant, we had to visit their tapas bar a few days later.
5. Bar Zeruko, San Sebastian.
No display of pintxos is quite as impressive as Bar Zeruko's. Like a tapas bar on the moon.
6. Taberna Vasca, Almeria.
Our first taste of the genius of the Basques, and it was in Almeria. So stunning we had to return the following year.
7. Taberna del Gourmet, Alicante.
I can recall the taste of the Pan de Crystal con tomato, bread with tomato and olive oil. It was so delicious and yet so simple and sublime.
8. Tapas 24, Barcelona.
Just for the Mc Foie. Burger heaven on a plate.
9. Feduchy Lounge, Conil de la Frontera.
Fine tapas, and just so cheap! Twice as good as any tapas bar in the UK I've visited but half the price.

10. Vineria San Telmo, Seville.
This was actually our first 'modern' tapas bar way back in 2008. It blew us away then and we really are due a return visit. Our first taste of a 'McFoie' too.

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